Y-HULL is a combined hull shape of Catamaran & Mono-hull. This combined hull shape generates reduced waves compared to Mono-hull and Catamaran Ships. Rural countries like Bangladesh has high mortality rate due to river-way accidents of small boats which usually occurs due to induced waves of Big ships. This invention of Y-Hull will certainly make an impact on the ship design industry and this might be the solution to these accidents.

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ShipDyn Ltd. is one of the leading ship design and consulting & engineering solution company operating in Bangladesh in collaboration with Singapore and Thailand. ShipDyn was founded by a group of dynamic Naval Architects on a strong basis of knowledge, technological expertise, professionalism, responsibility and dedication of the employees towards their work, along with liability and sincerity towards the clients’ satisfaction.

Bangladesh has already proved her potential as a promising shipbuilding nation and since the first order of a foreign ship placed in a Bangladeshi yard, an urgent & desperate need of a world class design & consulting service was vivid to the shipbuilding industry of Bangladesh.

ShipDyn, with its experience and expertise, bridged the gap and now working dedicatedly as a catalyst to the market by collaborating with different Ship Design companies around the world.

We aim to a new dimension is Ship Design & Ship Building.


Passenger Ship

Combination of Catamaran & Mono-hull ship termed as Y-Hull which is already patented by CEO, ShipDyn Ltd. This Hull Shape generates less water waves with significantly low resistance compared to Catamaran & Mono-hull Vessels.

Principal Particulars

LOA: 18.00 m

B: 4.20 m

D: 1.50 m

d: 0.80 m

Passenger Capacity: 105




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One Company- ShipDyn Ltd.

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