Spare parts & Services of All Brand of Dredgers

Allicot – Damen – IHC – JULONG – Chinese Brand Dredgers

So if you are dredger owner and searching for the complete solution of all of your troubles, ShipDyn is your solution. We can repair dredgers at your site. Our experts can visit your dredger and will suggest you what to do.

We supply all necessary equipment of Dredgers at your working location.

Our dredging solution team includes Singaporean Dredger Experts, Chinese engineers and Bangladeshi Reputed spare parts suppliers & manufacturers. Therefore, we know every ins and outs of a dredger and we know how to repair it. We have experienced set of Dredge Master (Singaporean Chinese & Bangladeshi), Leverman (Singaporean, Chinese & Bangladeshi), Mechanical & Hydraulic Engineers to provide the best support to you.

Complete Design, Construction & Delivery of Dredger Fleet (Dredger, Work Boat, House Boat & Pipeline with accessories)

Design, Construction, Spare Parts and Service of all types of Dredgers
Design, Construction, Spare Parts and Service of all types of Work Boats
Supply of HDPE Pipe, Floaters & Rubber Hoses

Supply of All Spare Parts for all types of Dredger (Filters, Hydraulic Seals, Circuit Breakers, Cutter Teeth, Pully, Pully Bush, Meter Gauges etc)



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