The design is the core service of ShipDyn. We design various kinds of ships. Our Design service includes concept design, basic design, detail design. The technical team of ShipDyn translates the designs for the workers as production design who work to build a ship. We have our own set of teams and facilities to build ships as the client desires.  We use the latest ship designing CAD software packages for drafting concept, construction, outfit, engineering drawings.

We have clients all around the world including Singapore, Thailand & Malaysia. Our Technical team is well trained and experienced. We are working in collaboration with Cybermarine Technologies Pte. Ltd. Singapore, AusThai Marine Thailand and Julong China.

Our Designs are always converted to three-dimensional photos and videos for visualization, perfection and for the better understanding of the Clients.

Our approach ensures the high level of accuracy in our drawing and drafting so that the structural drawings can be easily converted into detail design and CNC cutting machines.

Design Scopes

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